I love sport; I always have. So is it any wonder when I decided to pursue another of my passions — photography — that its principal subject became sport?

I had enjoyed photography for some time but it wasn’t until I started spending weekends following my sons around Sydney — and wherever else their chosen sports took them — that the “bug” really kicked in. It didn’t take long before I found myself as the “official” team photographer, and as my abilities evolved so did demand for my services grow.

Today I really am an official photographer — I take photographs for a number of sporting groups; my images have been reproduced in various school magazines and appear on team and sport websites; and many of my photographs have pride of place in houses and on walls across New South Wales and beyond.

My love of photography has combined with my love of sport in an almost serendipitous way. The enjoyment of watching a try being scored, an ace served, or a race being won, impacts me in the same way as if the competitor was my child or I was the athlete. And I regularly stop to think that, with my camera, I have an opportunity to catch that singular moment such that it becomes more than a memory; it remains part of a story that lasts forever.

But I am not just a sports photographer. I pick up my camera and take images whenever the opportunity arises — landscapes,  people, when I travel. I also work with one of Sydney’s leading social media marketing groups to provide their clients with quality social media content.

If you would like to learn more about what I do — and how I can help — please contact me.